Carolyn Resnick's Chair Challenge
Is it really possible to...
Love your horse and be a leader without using force ?
Question 1

When did it start to go wrong for the girl?

When it comes to working with your horse, is it really possible to be a leader without using force?

And because you love him, you feel sure there’s got to be a gentler way than "you gotta show them who's boss”…

Or you’ve watched some videos on how to train horses but didn’t resonate with the techniques being used…

Or maybe you feel like you’ve read all the books, taken all the clinics and are still not happy with your relationship…

And worst of all, you don’t like who you have to be with your horse sometimes…

If that’s not you and who you want to be, then this could be the most important video you ever watch.

Here’s why…

There’s a reason you’ve been struggling…

And the reason is…

As a woman, you want to remain true to your values and feelings..

But it seems like the only advice you hear says you need to dominate your horse and with force if necessary...

Well, I’m here to tell you that just isn’t true and you’re not alone in feeling the way you do.

Teddie, Jazz and Apollo

Hello, my name is Teddie Ziegler and I’ve been around horses since 1st grade when my Mom promised me one if I got straight A’s - which I did!

I started training horses out of college and until a few years ago I used to think that I had nothing else to learn and that my 2 boys, Jazz and Apollo, were just perfect angels.

However, I discovered that although they gave the impression of being loving, they were in fact just using me as a feed dispenser.

So how did I learn the truth about my skills as a horse person AND what my horses really thought about me?

I’ll tell you in a moment but first I’d like to tell you the story of a little girl and a little black pony called Pepper.

Pepper the pony

Pepper was the sort of pony a child longs for. He looked so perfect that the little girl was sure that he was just as sweet.

Boy, was she ever wrong!

She decided to take him out for a ride and for about fifteen minutes he behaved perfectly. He walked, he trotted, he cantered. He did everything the girl asked … until they rode onto a vacant lot with a few trees.

Then things changed…

Pepper grabbed the bit, bolted and started running away as fast as he could, only stopping to rub the girl’s legs up against the trees.

And she couldn’t get off him because he ran from one tree straight to the next until finally, he chose a tree that was a little further away and she was able to jump off.



So why did Pepper do that?

Why do he go from behaving perfectly to using the little girl as a rubbing post?

Let’s have a little quiz to find out why and how this will help you improve your relationship with your horse.

Question 1

When did it start to go wrong for the girl?

For a deeper, more bonded relationship with your horse...

You need a completely fresh approach, one that is based on:

  • Respect not fear
  • Flexibility not force
  • Working with the positive not trying to fix
  • Looking for what your horse can do not what he can't
  • Working in partnership not issuing orders
  • Allowing your horse to say 'no' and for that no to be respected

The way that Carolyn handles horses is unbelievable. I can say from my own experience that she can establish a relationship of trust and respect with even the most difficult horses that I would have never thought possible.

Günter Seidel
US Team bronze medallist 2006 World Championships, Aachen, Germany

When your horse comes rushing to the gate to greet you like a long-lost friend who hasn’t seen you in years.

Witnessing him really feeling free to express himself in your company when you allow him to be who he truly is.”

Being able to ride your horse bitless... and can you imagine just how grateful your horse will be when you can?

The admiring looks on the face of your friends - and the astonished look on your partner’s face - when you simply decide to go out for a walk with your horse without halter and without fear that he will suddenly bolt.

Carolyn Resnick brings horses and humans to a working partnership. It’s this stripped down version of training, completely absent of tack or round pen, that the horse world has not yet experienced but will benefit greatly from.

Erin Gilmore Erin Gilmore
Assistant Editor, California Riding Magazine
Having a deep bonded, magnetic relationship together means...

Everything you do or want to do with your horse becomes easier because he naturally sees you as the leader, wants to please you and wants to be with you because he has the overwhelming sense of well-being that comes from belonging.

When you create the harmony he craves, the tension between you will evaporate and both of you and your horse will begin to feel more relaxed and at home with each other. You will start to gain favor as the leader with your horse and he in turn will naturally and willingly follow your lead.

Carolyn's work teaches us how to become more effective leaders with horses and humans. Her stories teach us that leadership is an earned position based on trust. This a refreshing idea that leaders are not always the dominant ones.

Kathleen Martin Kathleen Martin, Ph.D.
Vice President, Professional Services, The Ken Blanchard Companies
Is it so ridiculous for you to imagine being a leader for your horse without using force ? If not...

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